Catalina Mendez

Position: Accounts Payable Specialist

I still remember my interview day. I felt the amazing energy in the company and the honest conversation I had with Britt; the owners trusted in me and gave me the opportunity to work with them. My role at EPIC is to keep all the payments on time, deal with suppliers, communicate to the owners any deviation, maintain the accuracy of the accounts payable entries, card administration & reconciliation, supporting the production team on material deliveries, and being a spanish translator. Along with the Finance team, I said this because I had an amazing mentor and trainer Tiana‚Ķ I have achieved many many things to help the company such as 50k in credit recovery, the company has had lots of discounts for early payments and on time, established processes for approvals, subcontractor invoices, created good communication with the crews and created a process for getting proof of material deliveries. Working for EPIC has been an amazing experience, it has been a school for me and everyone has been so supportive. I love the girl power and feminine energy at the workplace and also how comprehensive and human the owners are. We came to the USA because we love this country. There are a lot of fun things to do such as national parks, beaches, mountains, rivers, shopping, sports and concerts‚Ķ we love going to concerts including Anita (she is 5) so now we have it all here, it is easier to be inside the USA and travel around. I can’t wait for more to come and the next chapters of this path with EPIC. What an EPIC year!!!!