Roof Replacements

The roof is often underestimated in its importance for any home. Beyond protection from weather and debris, it adds beauty and character to your house, acting as its crown. However, factors like aging, accidents, or excessive weight can lead to wear and tear, resulting in leaks, mold, and potential structural damage. If left untreated for too long, a roof replacement may be the best way to go. At Epic Roofing & Exteriors, our experts are here to guide you through the process of roof replacements.

Our process is broken down into 5 easy steps:

  1. Initial Inspection & Evaluation
    The Epic process begins with speaking to one of our highly trained team members and scheduling an onsite inspection. During your on-site inspection, our team visually evaluates every aspect of your roof to determine its condition. Following the assessment, we provide a detailed estimate.
  2. Epic Roof Building
    next step is to choose your materials & colors. Our Epic Roof Picker can help you narrow down the materials & colors that would look best for your home. Our team is also here to provide our expert opinion & help you pick the best option!
  3. Get On Our Schedule
    Once production is scheduled, we will start coordinating the logistics of your roofing project. Between suppliers, our roofing crew, you, and inspectors, there are a lot of moving parts. Don’t worry, we handle it all!
  4. New Roofing 
    Once everything is delivered we can begin doing the work! Our teams will remove your old roof and replace it with your beautiful new roof. All of our projects are inspected by code enforcement and are up to current building standards.
  5. Walkthrough & Approval
    Once the roof is completed and passed inspections, we’ll walk through everything with you. We’re not done until you’re happy! Our teams will fully clean up and make your yard look even better than when we arrived.
terra cambra range eagle tile roof

Tile Roof Replacements

Tile roofs can stand up to the sometimes unpredictable weather that Florida is famous for. They’re great for insulation against the summer heat and can resist the ravages of hurricanes and other weather extremes.

Tile roofs are also fireproof and have a class-A rating. Combined with an attractive appearance, these factors make tile roofs a top choice among homeowners and homebuyers. Tile roofing is one of the more expensive options, but with proper maintenance and care, it can last for 15 years or more.

Learn more about tile roof replacements or see our tile options in the Epic Roof Selector.

onyx black owens corning shingle roof

Shingle Roof Replacements

Shingle roofs are a perfect choice! Shingles are those rows of tiles or “shakes” you see layered across many homes. Installing new asphalt shingle roofing involves removing old roof materials, and then nailing overlapping rows of durable shingles to your roof deck. This protects your house from sun damage, rain leaks, wind, and more. Shingles come in different styles and colors, so it’s easy to find ones that match your home’s look. Compared to slate or metal roofs, shingles are lighter weight and cheaper too. Their low cost and ease of repair make them extra popular.

The team at Epic Roofing has over 30 years of expertise in putting new shingle roofs on homes in Southwest Florida. We know which types stand up best to our weather and won’t weigh down your roof framing. With Epic Roofing handling your shingle roof installation, you can be sure your home and family stay safe from leaks for years to come!

Learn more about shingle roof replacements or see our shingle options in the Epic Roof Selector.

silver metallic metal alliance metal roof

Metal Roof Replacements

Metal roofs are middle-of-the-road cost-wise, but have some of the longest longevity. Installing a metal roof starts by removing your old roofing material and putting down the protective underlayment. Then metal panels get fixed to your roof deck to form a waterproof barrier. The most common styles used in Florida are corrugated metal sheets or vertical standing seam panels. Metal is super durable against sun, wind, rain, and storms – lasting 40+ years! It’s also lighter than clay tiles so it doesn’t weigh down your roof framing. Metal does cost more upfront than asphalt shingles, but saves money over time since it lasts so long with little maintenance. The team at Epic Roofing specializes in installing quality metal roofs designed to stand strong through Florida weather. With an Epic Roofing metal roof, your home stays safe from leaks even on the rainiest, windiest storm days!

Learn more about metal roof replacements or see our metal options in the Epic Roof Selector.

Exterior of modern luxury private house. Garage entrance.

Flat Roof Replacements

Flat roof replacements offer homeowners a range of advantages, including simpler installation and potential cost savings. They also provide the opportunity to create functional rooftop spaces that enhance the home’s utility and value, especially beneficial in urban areas with limited outdoor space.

The clean, modern aesthetic of flat roofs complements contemporary architectural styles, contributing to the overall appeal of the home. Made of durable materials, flat roofs are durable, energy efficient, and easily reparable. Proper maintenance, including regular inspections and timely repairs, is essential for ensuring the longevity of a flat roof, protecting the home from the elements and preserving its value over time.

Learn more about flat roof replacements or see our flat roof options in the Epic Roof Selector.