Roof Repairs/Maintanance

Roof Repairs/Maintanance

Epic Roof Repairs & Maintenance

Epic Roofing & Exteriors leads the way in restoring storm, sun, and leak damages across homes in Southwest Florida. Florida’s nonstop heat, rain, and wind impact your roof daily with the brutal conditions. Don’t wait until it’s leaking and in need of major TLC. Let our team of licensed experts take care of the little issues before they turn into big expenses. We have the experience to diagnose and remedy roof problems in all of Southwest Florida ranging from minor cracks to full replacements. Trust Epic Roofing & Exteriors as your proven Southwest Florida roof repair partner to proactively care for and restore your most critical asset.

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Roof Repairs

Getting your roof repaired in Southwest Florida is important, especially with our harsh sun, winds, & frequent rains. Letting your roof sit in disrepair too long will lead to even more expensive repairs if not immediately dealt with. Our certified technicians are here to provide you with a professional inspection of the damage and the next steps to repair your roof.

Emergency Repairs

We understand the importance of fast reliable service when it comes to keeping your family safe from the elements. That’s why emergency roof repairs take top priority in our business.

Whether a passing storm has damaged your roof, or it has suddenly given in after years of disrepair, we are here for you. While a roofing emergency can be a terrifying event for homeowners our experienced professionals take it all in their stride. We know exactly what to do in the event of any emergency roofing incident, such as

  • Damage from strong winds and falling trees
  • Lightning strikes
  • Fire
  • Animal activities

Once any danger to our workers has passed, we’ll be on-site to assess the damage and temporarily secure your home from water and wind.

Contact us 24/7 at Bonita Springs (239) 214-3445 Punta Gorda (941) 219-5544

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Preventative Maintenance

Your roof is one of the first things someone notices about your home, your roof influences its value and appearance. To safeguard this investment, it’s crucial to establish a routine residential roof maintenance plan. Even with a warranty, you may still need to cover costs for materials and labor. Epic Roofing & Exteriors provides expert maintenance services tailored to your roof’s age, material, and local climate. Services include gutter repairs, debris removal, inspections, and leak detection. With over 30 years of experience, our team ensures your roof receives top-notch care. For best results, we recommend scheduling maintenance at least twice a year.

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Annual Inspections

At Epic Roofing and Exteriors, we understand the importance of a professional roof inspection for your home in Southwest Florida. Trying to handle it yourself can be risky and may not solve the problem. That’s why we’re here to help. Our team conducts thorough inspections, checking for issues like mold, damaged shingles, and structural problems. We even inspect the interior of your home to ensure proper ventilation and detect any leaks. After our inspection, we sit down with you to explain our findings and discuss necessary repairs or maintenance plans. If a roof replacement is needed, we can suggest more efficient materials suited for the harsh Southwest Florida weather. Trust Epic Roofing & Exteriors for reliable and comprehensive roof inspections to keep your home safe and secure.

Contact us to learn more about our preventative maintenance plans & annual inspections.